Meet Jamie

I must admit I’ve never enjoyed talking about myself, however if you are considering welcoming me into your family for the day then it might help to know a bit more about me.

I have been a photographer in some capacity since studying for my degree (in photography!) in 2002. From the beginning I’ve always been fascinated by how we can use photography to record moments, tell stories, preserve memories and show people the world in a way that maybe they haven’t seen it before. I’m drawn to photograph those special moments that define us as people, show our relationships and evoke real emotions in the reader. I’m driven to do this in the most dynamic and visually interesting way that I can and though I work in a sensitive, relaxed and unobtrusive manner I absolutely thrive on the chaos!

Here’s a few facts

    • I was born and grew up in Reading, Berkshire, but now live in North Devon with my beautiful wife Charlotte.
    • Charlotte loves me (but not when I dance!) She is a very talented hair stylist and is in the process of buying the salon she’s managed for the past 10 years. She’s also part of the TIGI education team!
    • We don’t currently own any kids but we do have a puppy called Dunphy (he’s named after Phil Dunphy in Modern Family – most people don’t get the reference!)
    • I do own three god children although I’m not sure I’m setting them the best example!
    • I have a degree in photography from the University of Plymouth (in Exeter!)
    • Before I became a wedding photographer I harboured dreams of being a full-time surf photographer. My photos were published in surfing magazines all over the world though I didn’t get paid very much
    • I love travelling and lived in Costa Rica for two years where I managed a surf camp and took people on boat trips to surf deserted waves in the middle of the rain forest – that was a good job!
    • I’m obsessed with surfing but also love football, sport in general, music, art, the great outdoors.
    • Sometimes I do yoga (I should do it more often!)
    • I like running, but at a leisurely pace!
    • I speak bad Spanish.
    • Like many creative people I’m constantly battling the perfectionist inside though I couldn’t tell you who’s winning.
    • I like beer (but not when I’m working!)
    • I hate having my photograph taken.
    • As a wedding photographer I have been honoured to receive several prestigious Fearless Awards and WPJA Awards. In August 2013 I was ranked by WPS as their No.1 Wedding Photographer in the World!

Right, enough about me from now on it’s all about you!



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‘Ben & I were blown away by the beautiful images you created. I don’t think either of us has had such an emotional response to photography before.’

‘Absolutely breath taking experience, I will be telling all my friends and family of this wonderful life memory.’

‘Jamie they are amazing, you are so clever to capture such beauty out of such chaos we really love them xx’

‘Amazing photos – such a great reflection of the day … like living it again!’


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