What is it that means the most to you about your loved ones? What are those moments you share that make your heart sing and fill you with pride? What are those expressions that only you notice in your child’s face that mean the world to you? How do these moments make you feel and what would it mean to your family to have something that celebrates these emotions on your wall so that you can be reminded of just how important they are to you everyday?

You are unique and wonderful, and whether or not you see it yourself, we are dedicated to seeing the best in you, and every family we work with, helping you to celebrate just how awesome you really are!

Your Family Photography Experience consists of three unique elements.

1. The Planning Consultation 

First of all there’s your Planning Consultation which consists of a series of calls where we will take you on a journey of discovery and customize your photographic shoot to reflect you and your personality. To get to know what makes each individual special, we want your permission to be relentless in capturing what is unique about each member of your family.

To do this we will be calling and speaking to you and your partner to find out what each of you love about each other and your family the most. It is amazing what is revealed during these conversations. We find that many people do not spend enough time telling the people that mean the most to them just what it is that they love about each other the most, and we want to help you find out what they are.

2. The Photographic Experience

Then secondly there’s your personal Photographic Experience where we use what we’ve learnt about what’s most important to you to capture the essence of you and the people you love the most. We allow 1-2 hours for these sessions which will often take place in your home or at a location that has some significant meaning to you.

3. The Design Consultation

After your Photographic Experience we bring you back to the studio for a Cinematic Presentation of your photographs. This will then be followed by your Design Consultation where we will assist you in the selection and customization of your Artwork that will bring life to your home and that will become Heirlooms for your future generations to enjoy. We love to do this on the same day as your photographic experience just a few hours later so that you don’t have to wait any longer than is necessary to see your photographs and design your artwork.

The Design Consultation is also the time when we take payment so that your artwork can be carefully refined and crafted immediately after you place your order. Then it’s just a short wait until you can collect your artwork from the studio and display it in your home. A celebration of just how incredible you and your family are to be enjoyed every single day!

Please Note – For clients based outside of North Devon we can bring our studio ‘on the road’ to conduct your Design Consultation in the comfort of your own home.

To start your experience call us today on 01271 320680 or enter your details in the form below and we will call you!


Your sitting fee includes:

  • A discovery consultation to learn more about you and your loved ones.
  • Your tailor made family photography session.
  • A cinematic reveal of 30-40 photographs celebrating you, your relationships and what it is that you treasure most about your pet.
  • A design consultation during which we will design the most perfect wall art, album and portrait collections with you to display in your home.
  • The opportunity, during the Design Consultation, to purchase your custom designed artwork and any number of our large range of custom made products that you desire.


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‘Ben & I were blown away by the beautiful images you created. I don’t think either of us has had such an emotional response to photography before.’

‘Absolutely breath taking experience, I will be telling all my friends and family of this wonderful life memory.’

‘Jamie they are amazing, you are so clever to capture such beauty out of such chaos we really love them xx’

‘Amazing photos – such a great reflection of the day … like living it again!’


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